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Mazovian Roots


Ciechanow is NW of Warsaw.
My Polish family "nest"
lies about 10k. south
and southeast of Ciechanow.
Family Nests:
Both the Jendrzejewski and the Maruszewski families lived in the Central part of present day Poland in a region known as Mazovia, northwest of Warsaw. They lived between the Sona and the Wykra rivers before these tributaries join to drain into the Wysla (Vistula) river.
The Jendrzejewski families were land owning peasants in the villages of Nowa Wies, Gutkowa and Radziwiloborz. These places located in Lopacin Parish about 10 k. south of the ancient castled town of Ciechanow. I have traced this family back to aout 1870.
The Maruszewski families were "petty" nobles, of the Rogala clan. I have traced this family as far back about 1750 and unconnected branches of this family back to about 1650. Their small village, Marusy, southwest of Ciechanow in the Sonsk Parish is the family nest with branches of the family settling in Gasocin and other nearby villages. Though noble, this family, as most nobles in Mazovia, were also very poor.
This region of Poland saw many invasions of foreign peoples: The Lithuanians, Swedes, Prussians, French, Russians, Nazis, and the Soviet Union. It was part of the great corridor of plains between the East and the West trampled by armies over time.
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