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Janina Tulska

One of the known siblings to Albina was Emilja Tulska. I do not know the name of her husband. The photograph below is of Janina Tulska, daughter of Emilja, as evidenced by the fact that she addresses Albina as "Cioa" (for ciota) or "aunt" on the back of the postcard.


Front and back of postcard
Janina Tulska, First Communion
Phographer Unkown
Postcard with inscription"

"Day 3 of September
"Dear Aunt, I send my photograph. Janina Tulska"

The inscription establishes Janina, who addresses Albina as "aunt" as Emilya Tulska's daughter. She is standing in front of a church monument surrounded by an iron fence. A large tablet on the monument has the following inscription:

"Our mother, beautiful, Merciful, Pious, Praizeworthy, Glorious Hope, KS EKKL A24 W24"

Can this sign provide me with a clue for the actual location and name of the church where young Janina had her first communion.?
She posed in a communion dress with a picture of the last supper. If we were to assume that she received her first Communion in May, which is traditional, it took about three months for the photo to be processed and for the Tulskis to send the picture to Albina.

The location is unknown. In the 1960s Emilja Tulska lived in Warsaw. I am guessing that this church was/is in Warsaw, unless it was destroyed during the War.

Adam Bastecki and Family, 1930s?
Photographer L. Gelgor, Plac Batorego No. 4
Logo: Leonar 8036, No inscription

Janina in the background appears approximately 10 years older than in the photograph 1 above. We recognize Janina Tulska staring intently into the camera. Adam and Felicja pose with the babies for the camera with confidence and ease. Janina seems relatively separated not only in terms of her position in the photograph, but also emotionally, as she follows the photographer's instructions by fixing her eyes intently on the camera.

Comparisons: Janina Tulska's First Communion (detail)
Adam Bastecki and Family, 1930s? (detail)
Photographer L. Gelgor, Plac Batorego No. 4
Logo: Leonar 8036, No inscription

A comparison of the two images of Janina confirm that Janina Tulska, whose name appears on the reverse side of the first communion portrait, is the same person with the Bastek family. The intensity of the eyes, the erect, attentive posture and the identical mouth all confirm that this is the same person. This undeniably connects the Batek family with the Emilja Tulska family.

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