Can you identify these people?

The images below came to my grandmother from Bialystok. The inscriptions on some of the photographs were unclear. I have numbered the pictures so that you can identify these people for me. If you can explain how they are related to Adam Bastek in Bialystok or the Wozniak, Tulski or Franszkowski families in Warsaw, or even the Brzuszkiewicz family in Pittsburgh, Pennsulvania, USA, this would help me greatly. If you can, please explain to me the fact that sometimes the name is Bastek and other times it is Bastecki.
1. Front and back of postcard of of newlyweds in Bialystok (Names Unknown)
Photographer (as revealed with color enhancement): B. Krauzel, Grodno, at No. 4 Orzewkowej(?) or Grzewkowej(?) Street

a. What were the first and last names of the bride?

b. What were the dates of her birth, death and marriage?

c. What were the first and last names of the groom?

d. What were the birth and death dates of the groom?

e. What were the names of their children?

2. Comparing images of Adam (Bastek?) at different times in his life:

a. Who is this man? Is he Adam Bastek? Or is Adam Bastek the man in picture 5?

b. What were the dates of his birth and death?

c. What were the first and last names of his parents?

d. When did he marry?

e. What were the first and last name of his wife?

f. What were the dates of her birth and death?

g. What were the names of his children?

h. What parish did he attend?









3. (Upper Left)
Zosia and Her Husband, Adam
Photographer Unknown

3b. (Lower Left)
Back of postcard above left with the following inscription:

"I send this photograph of Zosia and Adam. Please respond quickly."
--Translated by Jolanta Berkshire

a. What were the first and last names of the woman in this photograph? Earlier, you said that Adam was married to Felicja. According to the inscription, this is Zocia. Was Adam married twice?

b. What were the birth death and marriage dates?

c. Who were her children?

4. (Upper Right)
Zosia's Husband in the Polish "Pilsudki's Legion" Uniform
Photographer: Unknown

4b. (Lower Right)
Back of postcard above right with following inscription:
"My token souvenir for my aunt, uncle, brother, sister and respond quickly."
--Translated by Jolanta Bershire

a. Is this Adam Bastek?

b. Do you have information about the Army unit to which he was assigned?

c. Did he return from fighting the war?

d. This is a uniform of Pilsudski's Army, Correct?

5. A Family, 1930s?
Photographer L. Gelgor, Plac Batorego... (illegible?)
Logo: Leonar 8036, No inscription

a. What was first and last names of the woman sitting on the left?

b. Was this the same woman in picture 3?

c. What are the first and last names of the girl in the background?

d. What were the first and last names of the man seated on the right? Is this Adam Bastek?

e. What were the baby's names? Are they still living?









6. Front and back of postcard showing Janina Tulska on her First Communion
Dated September 3 of unknown year
Phographer Unkown

Inscription: "Day 3 of September. Dear Aunt, I send my photograph. Janina Tulska"
--Translated by Jolanta Berkshire

The inscription is signed by Janina Tulska, who addresses Albina as "aunt", implying that her mother is Emilya Tulska. Emilya is Albina Jendrzejewska's sister. Their surname before marriage was Maruszewska.

She is standing in front of a church monument surrounded by an iron fence. A large tablet on the monument has the following inscription:

"Our mother, beautiful, Merciful, Pious, Praizeworthy, Glorious Hope, KS EKKL A24 W24"

a. Can the sign provide a clue for any church in Bialystok or Zielona where young Janina had her first communion?

b. Was this the same person in the background of the previous photograph 5?

c. What were the years of Janina's birth, death and marriage?

d. What was her married name?

e. What were her husband's first and last names?

f. What were both of her parents' names.

g. What were her children's names?

7. Mikolaj Bastecki family
Inscription: "Aunt Bastecka with husband and my youngest son, Stas" --Translated by Jolanta Berkshire.

a. Who was Mikolaj Bastecki?

b. What was the name of the boy in the background?

c. What was Ciocia's surname before she was married?

d. What were the birth death and marriage dates of these people?

e. How did they relate to the rest of the Bastek family?

8. Left to right: Adam Bastecki, Zocia's husband and someone else
Photographer: Moses Gelgor at the Grodno Studio, Skidel

Inscription: "I send this photograph to my aunt and uncle and brother and sister? I am the one who has hands across on my chest. Adam Bastecki" --Translated by Jolanta Berkshire

a. Can you give me more clear information about each of the people in this photograph? What were the names of these four people. Please list them in the following order:

Left to right

b. Adam signed his name Bastecki, not Bastek(?). Was that an influence from a dialect? Had the name changed later to Bastek after the war with Russia? Or were Adam Bastek and Adam Bastecki two different people? c. My grandparents, Walenty and Albina Jedrzejewski did not have two children, who are the brother and sister to whom Adam refers in this picture, until after 1920. But the style of clothing is closer to 1912. It is possible that Albina got this picture from Josefa and Pawel Brzuszkiewicz in Pittsburgh. Josefa was Albina's godmother. She had children much earlier, but she had more than two children before 1912. The Bastek/Bastecki family must have known about the Brzuszkiewicz family. Were there other families that the Bastek/Bastecki knew in the United States? Who were they, where did they live and when?



9. Portrait of Adam and others with Karolki's husband
Photographer: "Photog. Atelier, Karasik & P. Melamed, Grodno at Johannstr. 3." about 1920.

Inscription on left:
"Karolka's husband stands next to me, and a friend stands next to Zosia's husband."

Inscription on right:
"Karolki's husband is standing next to me and my friend is standing next to Zosia's husband. I send our photograph. Zosia's husband is sitting and Karolki's husband is standing on the right side. I Adam am sitting and the fourth one is a friend. We send this as a souvenir."--Translated by Jolanta Berkshire

I understand the order of people to be:
Top left to right: Friend in uniform, Karolka's husband
Bottom left to right: Adam Bastek, Zosia's Husband

a. Did I correctly identify these people? Perhaps I have left and right reversed?

b. Can you give me more clear information about each of the people in this photograph? What are the names of all these four people (top left to right; bottom left to right)?

c. What uniform is the friend wearing? Polish? Russian?

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